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As fine connoisseur in psychology knowledge, the IntelligencePsy.eu and Psychologist Radu Leca endow alot of opportunities to collaborate, acces in real time strategic network lines, learn new stuff, and grow professionally. Here you find some of the services and trainings that you will discover in the IntelligencePsy.eu community. Your life can start with these four opportunities:

Training and Professional Development
Gain a real time and natural professional advantage with our Training Series which provides in-person, “learn-by-action” courses taught real professionals. With us, your career will grow organic. Everybody will ask: how did you do it? It will be your choice if you answer them or not.

Starting with “Yesterday”, the information is vital and secret. The people I introduce to you are part of two main categories: they are out of the system, they are rebels, or they run the system.
You have the chance to meet, educate and develop professionally with the IntelligencePsy.eu community and psychology leaders, researchers and academics at all stages of your career.

Online and Real Events
IntelligencePsy.eu online and real events are highly interactive and recomended for free Intelligence conferences featuring leading names in psychology on a variety of today’s most prevailing topics.
The main topics covered are: behavioral analysis, profiling, clinical psychology, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, psychoses, behavioral changes, manipulation prevention techniques and solutions, interview techniques, interrogation techniques, understanding emotional changes, psy programs developed exclusively by us in the direction of combating drug use.

Corporate Training
The IntelligencePsy.eu is ready to work with your company. We are ready to provide a customized, flexible training programs and modules to meet your organization’s needs and budget.

Questions? Contact us at events@intelligencepsy.eu