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Psychological Workshops

The main topics covered are: behavioral analysis, profiling, clinical psychology, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, psychoses, behavioral changes, manipulation prevention techniques and solutions, interview techniques, interrogation techniques, understanding emotional changes, psy programs developed exclusively by us in the direction of combating drug use.

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Psychological Conference

Starting with “Yesterday”, the information is vital and secret. The people I introduce to you are part of two main categories: they are out of the system, they are rebels, or they run the system. You have the chance to meet, educate and develop professionally with the IntelligencePsy.eu community and psychology leaders, researchers and academics at all stages of your career.

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Training and Professional Development

Gain a real time and natural professional advantage with our Training Series which provides in-person, “learn-by-action” courses taught real professionals. With us, your career will grow organic. Everybody will ask: how did you do it? It will be your choice if you answer them or not.

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Our work in 2018

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Profiling Analysis

How to do a profiling analysis? What data are useful to us? What information is dissimulatory? Where can the error occur? How do we look at the future of Profiling?

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Behavioral analysis and Emotional intelligence

How can we improve behavioral analysis through emotional intelligence? What do the two have in common? How can we maximally use our expertise knowing only one of the two areas? What is the future of comportamnetal analysis?

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Experimental psychology

Can experimental psychology be successfully applied within clinical psychology? Can we unconventionally resolve depression, anxiety, panic attacks?

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Behavioral Experimental Analysis

Behavioral Experimental Analysis. Containing? Who develops it? Who uses it and recommends it? Who improves it? In which cases can the limit be applied? What are the results so far?

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February 23, 2018 No Comments

The Evolution of Cognitive dysfunction and For Tools to Improve quality of knowledge

Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed psychologists, IntelligencePsy.eu and UltraPsihologie.ro invite you to 4h of continuous education and training alongside our friend Trainer Radu Leca. Together with our trainer, we understand and learn 6 different structures, related to The Evolution of Cognitive dysfunction and For Tools to Improve quality of knowledge. Date: 04.03.2018 Hour: 10:00

February 23, 2018 No Comments

Behavioral Evolution and Use of Cognitive Therapy in Stress Disorder

“The 6 different structures – Behavioral Evolution and Use of Cognitive Therapy in Stress Disorder” – Trainer Radu Leca

December 11, 2017 No Comments

02.2018 Events List

Workshops, done by Psychologist Radu Leca, at the beginning of 2018. IntelligencePsy.eu brings the first series of educational psychology workshops made in Bucharest. These educational workshops are specially designed for students of psychology faculty and master students. Beginning psychologists can participate. The purpose of the workshops, is to bring students, master students and beginning psychologists…